There is an app for that!

There is an app for that!

By creating a task execution application, you are adopting a business model based on the digitalization of service provision. Welcome to the intelligent company!

The digitalization of service provision is at the heart of digital transformation. We are talking here about a total company transformation operation. Because a piecemeal process optimization or a digital-flavored offer customization is no longer enough, this is about completely reinventing the model and the internal operating chain: strategy, managerial organization, collaborative environment. Ordering a meal, reserving a room, choosing an itinerary, renewing insurance policies or remotely adjusting the thermostat are all tasks for which there are applications enabling you to execute them with your fingertips, or perhaps through voice commands managed by intelligent wizards (Alexa, Siri, etc.).

The process engineering, digitalization and automation underlying these innovations are spectacular; for example, the interaction design and human-machine interfacing that facilitate and generalize their daily adoption. The integration of these elements and their seamless orchestration are exemplified in the quality of the user experience, that can be measured by its simplicity (don’t make me think!), its customization (tailor-made offer) and its multimodality (laptops, telephones, tablets, vehicles and connected objects). 

Creating the future right now

When we join and operationalize the above elements in a context of use, a barely futuristic scenario becomes reality.

Imagine a connected healthcare environment. You visit you doctor. With the help of his intelligent blood pressure monitor, his augmented reality stethoscope, his connected glucometer and his phone integrated voice recorder, all of which are connected to a secure cloud-computing platform, your doctor:

  • captures a snapshot of your vital signs;
  • visualizes, in 3D, the good functioning of your heart and lungs;
  • obtains an updated blood analysis;
  • records your answers to his questions;
  • dictates his diagnosis and observations;
  • integrates his data in the automated update of your digitalized health record;
  • obtains the recommendation of an assistant using business intelligence, which is based on cloud-based storage of your medical history data;
  • predicts and prevents eventual health complications.

This end-to-end digitalization of an annual medical monitoring is a change of paradigm. It exists, first, because of the digitalization of documentary assets. Transposed in a commercial context, this scenario draws a picture of a metamorphosed business ecosystem. 

Digitalizing your documentary assets

At the source of your capacity to use the information enabling service provision digitalization are your documentary assets: texts, presentations, images, videos, sound recordings, client data and procedures; in short, everything that constitutes the operational heart of your company.

Through the digitalization of these assets, you can:

  • inventory them and map the processes and workflow that use them;
  • homogenize your processes by computerizing them;
  • determine the assets that are missing, incomplete or damaged, or have no added value;
  • secure their exploitation;
  • optimize data visualization and analysis (reporting);
  • accelerate decision-making;
  • reduce processing delays;
  • manage your assets in a rigorous manner and whilst respecting legal requirements to which your company is subject;
  • reduce costs related to the management and storage of your assets.

The homogenization of your processes and the transformation of your analog documentary assets into digitalized assets paves the way for the transfer, integration and extraction (extract, transform and load or ETL) of data. In doing so, they pave the way for the cross-referencing of these assets, for predictive analysis and for business intelligence

The how and why

Before starting a documentary assets digitalization project, keep in mind that precision, minutia and expertise are essential for this project. Why? Because the added value of the effort, the one that is important to the client, rests on its comprehensiveness. It is therefore necessary to define clearly the project’s scope, challenges, timetable and goal. This information is crucial to:

  • identify the strategic documentary assets, as well as the tasks to be performed and their sequence;
  • define deliverables;
  • integrate the proper solutions, from integrated management software to digital signature, to date warehouses and cloud-computing platforms optimized by artificial intelligence;
  • define roles and responsibilities;
  • master legal, regulatory and normative frameworks;
  • anticipate eventual constraints and hazards.

Briefly, quantifiable benefits must be achievable to justify the amounts invested in the digital transformation of your company.

Intervention teams to accelerate the transformation of your company

Cofomo is an expert in the seamless delivery of major digital project comprising all these aspects. In addition to its expertise in strategic planning of informational resources, in program and project management, in cloud computing et in tailor-made solution development, it is its client relationship governance model that creates its interventions’ added value.

Cofomo’s governance model utilizes a communication process that ensures a rigorous control of activities with respect to financial, operational and technological objectives. It draws on the assignment of a dedicated commercial representative, supported by content representatives and team leaders. The first is responsible for all commercial activities. The content representative is the consultant who works at the client’s premises. The team leader defines strategies, the delivery approach and follow-up mechanisms. Finally, a committee of independent senior specialists assists teams throughout the project.

The synergy between stakeholders enables investments to generate the expected results and accelerate the digital transformation of your company, whilst respecting budget targets as well as quality and timetable objectives.

We know that information is power. The right information at the right time is power over the future. Taking enlightened decisions? There are apps for that!
Be the future right now!

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