Industries we work with


We are proud to support health organizations in the development of digital solutions that various healthcare stakeholders can leverage to improve their workflow, communications and patient care across the entire care continuum.

Proven health experience

At Cofomo, you work with experts whom understand the specifics of the entire health network. Our 250 experts specialized in health sector, their knowledge of specific health systems and their understanding of the needs of different stakeholders, our flexibility and adaptability to changes as well as our customer approach explain our success in this crucial sector.


We get it. Insurance is a segment where being nimble and technologically current is beyond essential.

We translate strategy into action and work diligently in this specialized environment to successfully complete large-scale projects and help stakeholders attain objectives.

The keys: technology, expertise, and sustained growth so we’re always ahead. We work squarely at the leading edge so our clients can do what they do best. Succeed.


The world runs and relies on it. This sector is a lynchpin of the economy, and the backbone upon which business depends.

Our work with large financial clients has given us an insight on their culture, expectations, and especially the immense breadth of their technology needs.

We work to accelerate their complex digital transformations in ways that emphasize security and complete compatibility with existing systems.

None of that would be possible without our intimate knowledge of what’s now, and what’s next in technology. Add to it our expertise and experience and the conclusion is obvious: Cofomo.


Smart cities are here to stay. Municipalities must adapt to new paradigms and the complexities that accompany them. The improvement of services and their delivery to citizens and businesses will require them to revisit their approach to better meet the ever-changing and growing needs.

Our experience with large urban centres has given us an expertise that helps us help them in the best possible ways.

Ensuring our work serves both cities and citizens is a challenge we embrace and enjoy.


Goods, material, and people need to move. Constantly and efficiently. Increasingly that means the proper implementation of a coherent digital transformation strategy.

Experience makes the difference; our work with international airports, and major urban transportation networks has helped us become experts in diagnosing, planning, and implementing mobility solutions.

How does the transportation sector keep moving? Technology and innovation. The first is its driving force, the second, the fuel it needs. We offer both, in quantity.


We work in close collaboration with several large Quebec cities to further their digital shift and implement new technologies. By making them smart cities, they’re better able to adapt to new realities and changing issues, improve the performance and efficiency of services for citizens and businesses, and further their sustainable development.

Cloud computing, mobile solutions, IT continuity plans, and agile project management are just some of the ways we’re supporting cities in improving the quality of life of their citizens.


Our in-depth knowledge of how various major government departments function has given us the edge while working closely with them for over 25 years. Cofomo has contributed to multiple large-scale projects with key contractors, both in Quebec and in Canada, offering cutting-edge services, while considering the judicious use of public resources.

As we continue to implement and update frameworks, technologies, and processes, our business relationship with these major departments continues to evolve.


Cofomo supports several major players in the communications sector in Quebec.

From telecommunications and Internet services to television broadcasting, our experts have been involved in a multitude of large-scale projects that have changed the way people consume information and entertainment.

By staying at the cusp of technological trends, we’ve developed modern web applications for access to on-demand content and designed user-friendly solutions for mobile devices, and continue to creatively work on projects that advance the quality and accessibility of our clients’ products and services.


Over the past several years, Cofomo has provided consulting services as well as transformation and innovation solutions to major players in the manufacturing sector. Our involvement is based on our deep expertise in the field— especially around the strategic and logistical challenges that large organizations face.

We’ve implemented cutting-edge technologies, overseen the integration of software, and developed bespoke solutions adapted to the client context and environment. By optimizing business and operational processes, we stand as a key partner to our clients.