The implementation of your business vision requires collaboration

The implementation of your business vision requires collaboration

Excellence in telework, cloud computing and mobility depends on mastering collaboration, a skill that is from now on strategic. After augmented reality, make way for augmented collaboration.

Virtual office and conference room, telephony and office automation integration, document co-publishing, process and task automation and cloud-computing safeguard, amongst others, are innovations that modify work methods, as well as interactions and their range. In doing so, they have an impact on your organizational culture and its traditions. Interactions from the top down have been “transversalized” from the top of the organization to its bottom and from its stakeholders to the client to the work teams.

This is a major paradigm shift, whose issues we are only beginning to identify in order to transform them into opportunities. This new horizon is one in which stakeholders in the chain collaborate to create value. Having understood this, leading organizations interconnect and fluidify their operations to the maximum and invent new business models that meet expectations induced by innovations.

An example? When a client intervenes directly, indirectly or retroactively, and in real time, at all stages of added-value production, what was taken for granted in the “old days” is no longer relevant. Hence, this is no longer about creating value, but rather about co-creating value, which is possible because the rigid corporate culture, as well as inadequate tools and methods, have been replaced by a structural adaptability.

In the 21st century, synchronous collaboration, on-site or delocalized in a business environment in which companies, stakeholders, teams and clients are disseminated locally, continentally and internationally, is the norm.

Make way for augmented collaboration!

Collaborating: an organizational culture issue

Your company is at a turning point. Reality is not at all the same. The pace at which disruptions are happening is accelerating. Issues are becoming increasingly complex. Remaining competitive is a constant race.

In order to ensure your company’s sustainability, everything you have built must evolve at the speed of light from now on. From one day to the next, it must adjust its orientations, practices and traditions, in short its culture. It must now go from a progressive action mentality to a sudden and collective action mentality. To illustrate this point, your company, as well as your teams and stakeholders, must be able to “turn on a dime”, without notice and synchronously.

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) such as Microsoft 365 and cloud-computing infrastructures like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services are formidable tools for the realization of this feat. However, without a well-orchestrated change management program, which guides the evolution of your organizational culture and provides for the training and support that should accompany the operationalization of these tools, you are wasting time, money and resources. You deserve better. Welcome to Cofomo!

Optimizing the value of on-site and delocalized collaboration

Mastering on-site and delocalized collaboration requires that you take on the three following embedded challenges:

  • increasing organizational productivity;
  • increasing team productivity;
  • increasing the applicative and technological productivity of your information technology (IT) solutions.

These challenges must be resolved one at a time within an orderly management framework.

  • Optimizing on-site and delocalized work organization, and effectively managing individual and group telework.
  • Optimizing the use of tools and applicative functionalities in order to work in a more effective manner and gain in operational efficiency.
  • Optimizing technological performance thanks to cloud-computing tools.

Ranking your challenges enables you to prioritize tasks and pave the way for a strong return on investment.

This return on investment arises from the collaboration of teams empowered to derive the greatest added value from tools and infrastructures that eliminate the costs associated with the management and maintenance of disparate solutions that do not communicate with one another.

Increasing your collective capabilities tenfold

The potential promises of what used to be called “information highways” are coming true. Technology has reached maturity. The market is globalized. Market stakeholders are interconnected. Mobility is a way of life. The new reality prompts immediate action.

Cofomo provides the expertise, the know-how and the approach that enable you to now reap the fruits of a transformation in progress since forty years ago.

  • Cloud computing and collaborative tools
  • Data architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Infrastructure and security architecture
  • Change management, governance and organization transformation
  • Training, coaching and support

Our added value comprises the smooth integration of these elements, as well as their operationalization.

Your company’s digital transformation is not an end in itself. Your ambition is greater: unlimited and unbounded production. Adopting a work organization, tools and a business culture based on cloud computing and mobility makes it possible to improve not only remote collaboration and team productivity, but also that of stakeholders. In the end, you improve the client experience, which is the ultimate goal.

Leaders in their industries change the rules of the game and become role models. Be champions! Be the future right now!

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