Software development and reliability: a matter of reputation

Software development and reliability: a matter of reputation

Software solutions and systems have to meet the highest quality standards in order to be trusted, implemented and sustainable.

Today is the golden age of software development.

There are countless devices and services that partially or fully rely on software or software suites in order to function. Whether in cars, cameras, gas pumps, payment terminals, heating and ventilation systems, pay systems, smart bracelets, pacemakers or telephones, software systems are everywhere, with some touching every aspect of our lives. It’s simple: we can no longer live without them.

The omnipresence of software and the extent to which we rely on certain devices in our day-to-day lives (consider whether people can actually live without their smart phones) raise a number of issues, and not only from a public health standpoint. Not a month goes by without news of another software failure, some with tragic consequences.

Below are some examples:

Examples abound, but one thing is certain: the growing number of software failures is undermining the public’s confidence in the devices they use every day. Not long ago, the average consumer would not have to be a mechanic to know how their car worked: you turn the key, put the car into gear, and put your foot on the gas. But that’s no longer the case – for better or, all too often, for worse.

With the growing complexity and interconnectedness of products and services that rely on software to operate, consumers (who are interested not in the software but rather in the products and services that they help create) are entitled to ask whether software systems can be trusted for developing safe and reliable devices, systems and applications.

In response, developers have to act very quickly to improve the reputation of their products and services, and hence the quality of their software.

As a provider of software development services, Cofomo is well aware of this challenge. Since 1995, Cofomo has been a trusted supplier and partner among Canadian and Quebec firms in the private, public and semi-public sectors, and has built its credibility on exceptional software development and quality control processes, the expertise of its consultants and its reliable solutions. Regardless of how your projects evolve, when delivered, the software will:

  • meet your needs;
  • function as expected;
  • offer a value-added experience to users;
  • be stable and safe; and
  • stay that way.

It’s a matter of reputation.

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