Rethinking strategies for the recruitment and the development of the skills of the future.

Rethinking strategies for the recruitment and the development of the skills of the future.

Facing unprecedented competitive pressure, companies are rethinking their strategies for the recruitment of qualified talents and the development of the skills of the future.

Innovations and talents are the engines of a unique metamorphosis of the economy. Confronted to both the scarcity of qualified talents and the emergence of disruptive innovations, organizations compete with each other to find today and tomorrow’s experts.

Without a doubt, the future is now!

Talent scarcity and accelerated digital transformation: creating synergy

In order to resolve the scarcity of talents, your organization must

  • anticipate and plan the labour, skills and investment needs, in accordance with business objectives;
  • acquire cutting-edge technologies to compete in the talent race;
  • build on its untapped talents by developing their skills;
  • preserve the knowledge and know-how acquired over the years;
  • stand out in a globalized labour market and recruit internationally;
  • attract and retain five generations of workers;
  • rely on the input of self-employed workers;
  • implement strategies to interest and attract women in the information technology sector;
  • implement friction-free change management;
  • optimize its investments in recruitment.

The synergy between these key success factors in talent management is a comprehensive solution that is adapted to the reality and the evolution of the labour market.

Anticipating and planning your talent needs and your investments

Whether they are ad hoc needs that must be met immediately or anticipated needs to position yourself proactively in accordance with your orientations and the expertise required by your projects, your organization must choose the staffing model that offers the best return on investment. In practical terms, this means recruiting the best talents, at the right time and at the right cost. 

Acquiring cutting-edge technologies to compete in the talent race

Cloud computing, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence are among the innovations that turn upside down the search for candidates with new profiles and possessing a highly specialized expertise. Understanding technologies, knowing the market and using the best search tools must be at the heart of talent management strategies.

Building on your untapped talents by developing their skills

More than resources that are found, talents are also assets that are created and improved over time. Therefore, instead of investing unsuccessfully in the search for the rare pearl, why not develop these untapped talents and bank on their skills by elaborating and offering customized trainings that are adapted to future needs? 

Preserving knowledge and know-how

Demography does not lie. The aging of the technological labour force is constant and, because of retirements, the scarcity of talents continues to grow despite the increase in international recruitment. Mentoring, coaching, sponsoring new employees and knowledge transfer processes are among the proactive mechanisms that the organisation should have in order to preserve its intangible assets. 

Standing out in the global talent market

In 2018, information technology professionals from abroad constituted 27% of the total Quebec industry workforce in this field. More than ever, the analysis of the international market, the recruitment of international talents, the acceleration of immigration processes for talent, and the support of the latter, must be an integral part of your recruitment strategy. 

Attracting and retaining five generations of workers

Organizations that are looking for enlightened talents must create an employer brand that draws their attention and wins them over. In order to reach the different demographic groups, your organization must rethink its attraction, recruitment and retention processes. It must demonstrate boldness, as well as create differentiating contents and formats that adopt the style, the tone and the rhythm of digital life. 

Banking on self-employed workers

Banking on self-employed workers
Quebec has some 555,000 self-employed workers, who make up an educated and experienced workforce that your organization relies on. Their strategy aimed at continually obtaining new mandates focuses on constantly increasing their knowledge and obtaining certifications on the latest technologies. The hiring and management of qualified self-employed workers through reputable and reliable partners is a flexible and profitable solution to counter the labour shortage. 

Implementing strategies to interest and attract women in the information technology sector

Women remain significantly under-represented in the information technology (IT) sector. In 2015, in Québec, women accounted for only 20% of IT community professionals. Despite a vigorous policy of integration of all talent categories to attract qualified female professionals, numerous obstacles still limit the integration of women into the industry, namely pay inequalities, occupational segregation and work-family balance issues. 

Implementing friction-free change management

The challenge is to plan the accelerated digital transformation and ensure a smooth implementation of the strategy. The solution is change management that stimulates the stakeholders and favours the adoption of better methods and tools. How? By anticipating needs for training and mitigation measures. By developing the leadership of managers so that they can respond adequately to the various concerns. By adopting the best change management practices. 

Optimizing the benefits of your investments in talent management

Cofomo proposes a proven record of accomplishment to transform today’s talents into tomorrow’s leaders. Here is a general overview.

  • Development and implementation of the transformation strategy.
  • Identification of needs for solutions in the management of cutting-edge technology talents.
  • Identification of internal and external needs for expertise and talents.
  • Implementation of training programs that are adapted to the needs of the business sector and its evolution.
  • Optimization of the job descriptions in terms of existing innovations and technologies that are becoming part of current usage.
  • Friction-free change management.
  • Optimization of the outcomes relative to the speed of the recruitment cycle (time to hire), the retention of talents, as well as the reduction of hiring and integration costs.

Create the future now

Cofomo offers a win-win solution for the achievement of converging objectives. • When it comes to talents, Cofomo enables them to grow their assets (knowledge, know-how and soft skills) and to improve their employability in a booming job market.

• When it comes to organizations, Cofomo enables them to build effective teams to accelerate and successfully achieve their digital transformation, innovate and excel. From the finance sector to the transport sector, and including the manufacturing, health, telecommunications and public administration sectors, for 25 years now, Cofomo has been proposing a flexible approach, teams of experts and a vast consultant ecosystem to enable you to meet the challenges related to the management of business and technology talents. Create the future now!

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