Offer An Ideal Infrastructure To Efficiently Migrate Workloads To The Cloud

Offer An Ideal Infrastructure To Efficiently Migrate Workloads To The Cloud

VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) is a hybrid cloud solution co-developed by VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS) available since 2017. It combines the flexibility and scalability of AWS with the leader in virtualization to offer an ideal infrastructure to efficiently migrate workloads to the cloud.

The scalability of VMC on AWS allows you to quickly respond to your needs while keeping costs under control and reducing the complexity caused by digital transformation.

For more information about VMC differentiators on AWS, see this article written by Joel Kuby from Cofomo. (in French).

AWS provides all the physical infrastructure on top of which VMware deploys its Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) stack which includes the technical components vSphere (compute), vSAN (storage) and NSX (network). These components are often deployed by customers on-premises and are therefore controlled, making it easier to learn the cloud solution and focus on migrating applications.

There are several ways to migrate to VMC on AWS (see article in French), one of which is to use the VMware HCX tool, provided in its most complete version. In just a few clicks, it is possible to move a large number of applications to the cloud in an automated manner!

Among the 7 known migration strategies (AWS 7R), VMC on AWS has its own migration path: Relocate. This strategy involves migrating workloads without impacting operations or rewriting application code and is considered the fastest to go to the cloud.

VMC on AWS is a very comprehensive offering, with multiple use cases:

– Extension of the local site

– Consolidation of several local sites

– Complete migration of workloads

– Disaster Recovery

When deploying an SDDC with VMC on AWS, a high-speed, low-latency link is created to the AWS cloud. This means that VMware workloads can consume cloud services such as EC2 or S3 over LAN-style networking.

Whatever the use of this infrastructure, our teams of certified experts on VMware and AWS are there to help you choose the best option. We have already supported various clients in their cloud migration project and have also enabled them to acquire all the necessary skills to be autonomous in operating their workloads and making them evolve.

With VMware Cloud on AWS and Cofomo you benefit from a turnkey solution, supported by a team of specialists, thus guaranteeing the success of your transition to the cloud and the optimization of your IT operations.

Choose performance, simplicity and peace of mind with VMware Cloud on AWS, Cofomo is here to support you!

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