Microsoft 365: limitless productivity

Microsoft 365: limitless productivity

How many companies can boast about adequately using the complete array of Microsoft 365 tools? In addition to licence activation, implementation, deployment, operationalization, post-implementation evaluation, internal communication action, training and all activities of an approach based on change management are part of a real value added solution.

The new reality is forcing companies to review all aspects of their work organization. They have to reorganize their spaces, people’s movements, working methods, collaboration modes, norms and procedures, processes, etc. Because of the social distancing obligation, they most of all have to – and this is the absolute requirement for long-term recovery – adopt remote work and collaboration tools.

In the future, exploiting, mastering and monitoring these tools will be the norm for evaluating organizations’ level of compliance under the Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety. Hereafter unavoidable, the respect of applicable laws and continuous proactivity in resolving strategic and operational issues will be the keys of a long-term sustained growth despite uncertainties.

Resolving issues

Whether implementing Microsoft 365 in your company or giving your clients and partners a chance to benefit from its countless advantages, Cofomo ensures a worry-free take over. The technological advantages, the cost reductions and the commercial benefits of Microsoft 365 are well documented. An analysis conducted by Forrester in 2019 focuses on the possible return on investment for companies who deploy this solution in their work environment.

Microsoft 365 is a software as a service (SaaS) that helps companies optimize the management of their resources and increase the effectiveness of work organization, notably thanks to a common repository and perfectly integrated tools. In doing so, they can automate a multitude of processes which represent as many productivity gains.

Operational effectiveness improvement in work management is crucial for your company. With this in mind, acquiring a profitable, effective and reliable solution tops the list of an investment strategy that is coherent with your vision and the rapid evolution of your business environment. This solution must:

  • improve work management effectiveness;
  • optimize resource management;
  • increase project performance and project portfolios’ visibility;
  • rationalize operating and investment expenditures;
  • accelerate the creation of added value;
  • improve data visualization and analysis (reporting);
  • exploit the tools that improve communication between delocalized teams, partners and clients.

So many issues whose solution is at the heart of Cofomo’s reason to exist, which reads as follows: accompany senior managers in the successful digital transformation of their company thanks to a better strategic alignment, the deployment of their organizational and technological innovation ability, and the valorization of data.

Being the future

At the office or at home, a cloud-computing ecosystem enables your teams to work and collaborate remotely in a secure and productive manner, while monitoring the progress status of their colleagues, counterparts and stakeholders’ tasks, in real time. Finally, Microsoft 365 enables the optimization of the following:

  • organization of work in delocalized mode;
  • use of Microsoft 365 tools and applicative functionalities in delocalized mode;
  • management of individual and collective telework;
  • decision-making processes.

Concretely, this means:

• communicating in a targeted manner in delocalized mode (Outlook, Teams, Yammer);
• creating in co-publishing mode (OneNote, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sway, Forms);
• sharing and storing all kinds of documents (OneDrive, SharePoint, Stream);
• planning and organizing tasks as a team (ToDo, Project, Planner);
• optimizing (MyAnalytics);
• automating processes and activities (Flow, PowerApps);
• visualizing and analyzing (PowerBI).

Thanks to telework and remote collaboration, possible productivity gains for you, your clients and your partners are limitless.

A telework and remote collaboration cloud-computing ecosystem like Microsoft 365 not only simplifies your work environment, but it is also essential to position your organization, your clients and your partners among the leading companies in their respective industries. The very nature of business relations, alliances and partnerships, even of competition, is completely changed. To get together is the start, to stay together is a progression, to work together is success. That is the real meaning of “the future is now!”

Accelerate digital transformation

Cofomo ensures the acceleration of your digital transformation so that you can restart your operations and get back on the path to growth right now. Pragmatic, its action plan is governed by a structure and secure approach meeting the highest compliance norms.

From diagnosis to deployment, to training (targeted groups, self-service, webinars and coaching) and implementation of teams, to post-implementation evaluation and performance monitoring, Cofomo remotely proposes an overall solution responding to the urgency of the situation. It acts as a strategic partner who accompanies you in a unique manner in the acceleration of the digital transformation of your company, in returning it to growth and in ensuring its sustainability. Be the future and take advantage of the opportunities before you right now.

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