Make The Most Of Your Data With Cloud Computing

Make The Most Of Your Data With Cloud Computing

The staggering volume of data in circulation between people, objects, machines, systems, platforms and organisations is such that managing it is a constant challenge. 

Customer, service and product data, operational, financial and transactional data, social engagement data – the list grows longer as the digitization of assets, processes, environments, stakeholders and value chains increases. 

The use and sound governance of this data is a daily priority because of the unfortunate consequences that can result from its unbridled proliferation: data silos, redundancy, poor visibility and even invisibility of performance indicators at all levels of the organisation, and systemic inefficiency, to name but a few. 

Companies alone process more than 60 terabytes of data every year.1 

Breaking down data silos and analysing them in a unified onsite and remote environment is a solution to these performance challenges. They enable the company to assess the results obtained in relation to its objectives, deploy its resources more effectively, monitor the progress of its projects with greater precision and, above all, react quickly if necessary. 

However, over 87% of companies have a low level of maturity when it comes to business intelligence and analytics.2

Over 87% of companies have a low level of maturity when it comes to business intelligence and analytics.

A bygone model 

Not so long ago, companies created and marketed products and services without learning anything about the customer and how they used them. Today, data is the raw material and a resource that is as abundant as it is inescapable if we are to grow and remain competitive. 

In this context, the low level of maturity highlighted by Gartner is an obstacle if companies wish to exploit machine learning to improve the customer experience using a conversational agent or to automate their operations to good effect, for example. 

To what extent do you extract value from the data at your disposal? How successful is your organisation in exploiting and benefiting from its data? 

Turn your data into a source of growth

In the age of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, sensors of all kinds and edge computing, data is the air that businesses breathe, and cloud computing their lungs. 

Whether you want to extract, analyse or exploit increasingly massive volumes of data to create added value for your customers, cloud computing and its self-service, on-demand capabilities is the ecosystem of choice for doing so efficiently, scalably and cost-effectively. 

A winning solution 

Reduced investment in infrastructure, lower management and maintenance costs, 24/7 availability, diversity of environments (public, private, hybrid and multicloud), elasticity of resources and flexible service models (PaaS, IaaS and SaaS) are just some of the advantages that make cloud computing a winning solution.

Data strategy, the deployment of cloud platforms and their synergy hold no secrets for Cofomo. Our certified experts can help you make all your projects a success. 

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