Today, with the integration of the electronic health record (EHR), every establishment must prepare to face the many challenges that come with this huge project. For the past several years, Cofomo has been helping healthcare establishments implement their IT modernization, integration and innovation projects.

Our success in this key sector can be attributed to our client approach, as well as to our 250 or so healthcare experts, all well versed in the systems in use in the sector and keenly aware of the needs of the various stakeholders, and known for their flexibility and ability to adapt to change.

Do you need strategic help facing the challenges inherent in the rollout of the EHR?

Healthcare digital transformation is in the DNA of Cofomo

Optimize your operations with our strategic IT expertise

Managing large digital transformation projects is in our DNA. Like all major projects, this one comes with a number of challenges. Our strategic advisors and business architects are known for their experience in the field, and will be able to guide you through the transition, allowing you to limit any negative impacts on your clinical operations, staff experience and care delivery.

Modernization. Migration. Integration.

Our team is here every step of the way to help you modernize or migrate your legacy applications to the cloud or integrate application solutions. You will benefit from a careful, tailored and adapted deployment that will enhance the efficiency of your clinical operations and care programs.

Legacy application modernization is at the core of Cofomo's expertise for the healtcare digital transformation

Get the most out of your staff and avoid risks to your operations

Let us maintain and upgrade your legacy applications and infrastructures. Our team of experts will ensure the proactive and reactive management of your existing applications in order to maintain operational continuity, allowing your staff to focus on innovating and developing new applications without getting bogged down in time-consuming maintenance tasks.

Cofomo and Le Courtier en infonuagique: simplified access to our professional services

Need to modernize your IT assets? Want to integrate your legacy applications into new IT systems? Since Cofomo is qualified in several of the categories of services offered by Cofomo and Le Courtier en infonuagique, a simple contract is all you need to provide you with access to seasoned experts who understand the ecosystem in which you are evolving.

“ The Cofomo team was with us throughout the project. The experts quickly determined how to guide us through the change in order to limit any negative impacts on the quality of care or our clinical teams’ collaborative processes, which we had just optimized. Their knowledge of the healthcare sector provided us with all the support we needed to manage change and ensure operational continuity.”

Director of a CIUSSS establishment

Recognized, diversified expertise in digital transformation support in the healthcare sector

  • Management support for major IT projects
  • Cloud modernization and migration (AWS, Azure and VMWare)
  • Application development
  • Legacy application support and evolution
  • Contact centre and managed services
  • Change management
  • Risk and resistance management and stakeholders’ commitment

Working with Cofomo means having access to a seasoned team of IT and healthcare experts, including specialists in the management, support and delivery of digital transformation projects, whether large or small, as well as experts in medical imaging, laboratory services, pharmacy, telemedicine, and administrative and application processes.

The objective of the experts of Cofomo  is to drive successfully the healthcare digital transformation
  • Strategic advisors
  • Program and project directors
  • IT solution architects
  • Clinical analysts
  • IT analysts
  • Developers and testers
  • IT/infrastructure experts
  • Project controllers

Modernizing, managing and upgrading your IT applications and infrastructures is our strength.

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