Empower your business with cloud computing!

Take advantage of the operational and organizational benefits of cloud computing, such as easy access to information, data security optimization and industry best practices.

Our approach

Based on best practices, our five-step approach allows for the smooth deployment of safe and flexible solutions, the sound management of change and organizational impacts, and an optimized use of cloud computing.

  • Diagnostics: Evaluate your organizational and technological maturity.
  • Governance: Provide guidance on and adapt cloud computing governance rules (risk management, data security, personal information protection, acquisition processes, legal aspects).
  • Implementation strategy: Assess opportunity costs and recommend the best strategies, tailored to your situation.
  • Execution: Execute the implementation strategy and migrate to the solutions offered by top market leaders (MS Azure, AWS, Red Hat, VMware, Oracle).
  • Operationalization: Obtain guidance in the implementation of a dedicated team to support the operationalization of the solutions deployed (performance, security and consumption management).

While these issues can appear to be merely technological at first glance, the fact remains that this solution could have significant impacts on your organization. Our approach allows for a smooth transition by means of the implementation of a project governance framework, supported by a change management program that is tailored to the reality of your business.

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