Protect your data

The vast majority of your company’s interactions (texts, emails, information sharing, identity management, commercial transactions, etc.) are network and web-based. How then do you ensure data security in an environment where real and potential threats are proliferating?

Our approach

Without sacrificing convenience, flexibility or speed, our approach strikes the right balance between the need to exploit innovations and the need to ensure the security of your organization, its data, partners and clients. Thus you can: 

  • Diagnose your systems using intrusion detection tools and penetration testing
  • Evaluate the security flaws which may impact your systems (hacking, denial of service attacks (DoS), identity theft, etc.)
  • Encourage risk-conscious behaviour associated with USB usage and the downloading of threats such as viruses, spyware, phishing and ransomware;
  • Control all user access to your data, locally and on the Cloud
  • Secure communication over unreliable networks such as WiFi
  • Detect vulnerabilities in third-party applications which could capture information without your knowledge or infect your entire network
  • Establish a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. Implement systems and best practices which are continuously monitored and upgraded in order to counter and prevent attacks
  • Harness the power of big data by carrying out in-depth analyses to anticipate such threats as financial and operational fraud and guard against them
  • Protect your organization’s reputation by applying effective security risk management to your products and services, systems, applications and data.  

From mobile technologies to your firm’s network, from your clients’ data to third-party applications and WiFi networks, we will provide actionable paths to solutions and best practices for preventing and countering cyberattacks.

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