Governance and Management

Risk and Compliance Management

Never cease to be proactive

The need to identify problems which may arise over the course of a project and the need to comply with prevailing legislation compel organizations to have risk management and compliance processes which anticipate issues and solve for them.

Our approach

Working closely with your teams, we will do everything to address the now, the new, the unknown:

  • Identify the type of risks (operational, financial, legal, health, environmental, IT, etc.) which could impact a project’s progress
  • Rank the risks and their potential impacts
  • Decompartmentalize in order to manage risks from end-to-end
  • Introduce a methodology, procedures and solutions for continuous and proactive monitoring
  • Draft a risk and compliance management plan and coordinate its implementation
  • Reduce risk levels, through successive iterations, in order to control them
  • Track evolving risks and set out mitigation measures
  • Mainstream risk and compliance management into your organizational and decision-making structures and processes

By applying the expertise we have gained through the management of large-scale projects for various organizations in both the private and public sectors, we turn risk and compliance management into an opportunity for improvement and growth. 

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