Information Management

Content and Records Management

Preserve your organizational memory

Your organizational memory is preserved in digital files which must be efficiently managed, shared and transmitted throughout their life cycle and in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable in your sector of activity.

Our approach

Cofomo favors an approach whereby content and records management is an integral part of your business processes and information flow. With such an approach, you can:

  • Create a digital information infrastructure which reflects your business model;
  • Safeguard the integrity and location of your content
  • Capture information flows generated by your business processes
  • Establish a framework to track the life cycle of digital records through an automated records-management system
  • Facilitate document searching and sharing
  • Maintain the integrity of your digital records
  • Harness the wealth of your structured and unstructured data
  • Enable knowledge transfer, for the benefit of all

We can help you optimize for the future. Our specialists make it their job to deliver the solutions necessary to facilitate your firm’s content and records management.

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