Optimize your Business and IT Management Processes

Our flexible, multifunctional solutions allow you to use technology with greater efficiency and creativity.

Model programs

Solve your business challenges by way of our 4 model programs

Targeted programs to keep pace with marketplace trends.

What we offer

Innovation and transformation strategies

Support as you define your objectives, strategies and road map to successfully achieve the transformation sought by your organization.

Deployment of new approaches and technologies

Assistance to effectively leverage the innovative approaches and technologies which underpin your strategies

Delivery and stewardship of business solutions

Partnerships that will ensure the projects and solutions required to further your growth are implemented with success.

Optimal use of expertise

Aid in identifying and managing the business and IT resources required to skillfully execute your projects and activities.

What you gain

Flexible combinations

Client-centric programs based on a flexible combination of creative approaches, leading-edge tools and specialized expertise.

Optimized costs

Optimization of both cost and quality; we will maximize our contribution to each engagement in accordance with your priorities.

Agile partnership

Partnership approach providing the agility and commitment required by your development and transformation projects.

Comprehensive support

Support spanning the entire life cycle of your projects and initiatives, from strategy definition to implementation and operation.

Model programs

Ready to support your business and IT transformations

Four distinctive programs tailored to your needs

Innovation and transformation strategies

Enterprise Architecture
Strategy and digital road map
Business intelligence
Incubation and experimentation
Optimization of business processes 

Deployment of new approaches and technologies

Agile approaches
Deployment of new platforms
Implementation of bimodal IT
SMAC and various other technologies

Delivery and stewardship of business solutions

Turnkey projects or system development ownership
Knowledge transfer
Project management
Teams per work package or technology

Optimal use of expertise

Planning, needs analysis and strategy optimization
Staffing and tools, sourcing and attraction
Onboarding/Integration and training
Management and monitoring
Process compliance
Digital Transformation

Become a Smart Organization

Our experts will help you conquer the challenges of the digital age.

What we offer

Digital strategy

Solutions to overcome the strategic issues facing your business sector in a digital age.

Comprehensive know-how

Targeted functional and sector-specific expertise based on business analytics.

Multi-skilled workforce

Expertise tailored to the specific needs and complexities of your transformation.

Broad-based participation

Collaboration throughout your entire technical and cultural transformation cycle.

What you gain

Personalized experience

Consistently effective, personalized, engaging and coherent user experiences.

Actionable data

Internal and external actionable data through advanced analytics to facilitate decision-making.

Targeted communication

Mobile and cloud-based solutions delivering targeted services and messages in a timely fashion.

Smart Organization

Your firm evolving into a Smart Organization and emerging as a leader in your field.

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Digital Transformation

We’ll be there for you every step of the way

Our three-pronged approach will allow you to meet your digital transformation challenges through a controlled transition.

Strategy and Advice

Strategy and digital roadmap
Organization and culture
Optimization of business processes
Enterprise architecture
Information management and business analytics
Digital transformation initiatives
Change management

IT Transformation

RAD approaches and PaaS platform deployment
Pathway toward agility
Project and change management

Architecture and Integration

Architecture and integration of digital and cloud-based solutions
Recommendations for digital solutions and for integrators
Analysis and implementation of cybersecurity solutions
Expertise Governance and Management

Get the right kind of talent at the right time

Optimize expertise management while leveraging the synergy of your blended workforce.

What we offer

Client-tailored services

Four services available as a hybrid solution or as standalone services to create programs tailored to your specific needs.

Maturity assessment program

Programs designed to create value, mitigate risks and generate cost savings.

Dedicated recruiters

Recruiters dedicated to filling your requests, backed by our network of state-of-the art integrated tools.

Unparalleled partnership

Superior support and follow-up, in keeping with the highest industry standards.

What you gain

Global approach

Comprehensive approaches to identify and consolidate the know-how within your organization.

Cost savings

Optimized operational efficiency resulting in lower direct costs.


Direct access, via a client portal, to our centralized requests system.

Fluid process

Transparency and consistency throughout the Talent Acquisition process, by virtue of our business sector specialists.

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Expertise Governance and Management

Keep your workforce abreast of current technologies

Our four à la carte services cover the key components of Expertise Governance and Management.


Documentation and structuring of the requirements
Development of occupational profiles
Identification of the requirements
Gap and scenario analysis
Opportunities for optimization
Definition of the service delivery mode (project, team, development center, etc.)


Specialized customized tools
Campaign planning
Proactive sourcing
Candidate screening
Structured aptitude interviews
Reference gathering and validation

Onboarding/Integration | Training

Specialized programs
Targeted training
Mentoring based on focus area
Portal for our experts
Coordinated training and integration
Training in view of client methodologies


Reintegration of candidates
Time management
Quality control
Business and IT Consulting Services

Make the most of your business and IT operations

Exceptional consulting services focused on creating talent-driven strategies.

What we offer

Sizeable talent pool

One of Quebec’s largest business and IT talent pools.

Effective Talent Acquisition process

Our unique and experienced Talent Acquisition department is very effective at rapidly selecting the candidates best suited to your needs.

Solid know-how

Seasoned experts with the skills to ensure assignments are carried out effectively, maximizing added value.

Targeted support

Experienced practice leads lend their support to our experts and clients in specific fields of activity.

What you gain

Optimized technologies

Cutting-edge technology to propel you to the next level of growth and competitiveness.

Enhanced user experience

Better end-user interactions throughout your organization’s ecosystem.

Mitigated risks

Workforce with the skills to provide your firm with greater agility and reduced risks.

Reduced costs

Lower costs through the implementation of client-centric programs.

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Business and IT Consulting Services

We are a business and IT consulting firm with a proven track record

Our services span five key fields of activity.

Governance and Transformation

Enterprise and business architecture
IT governance
Business analysis and process management
Strategic planning
Change and risk management
Master plans

Project Management

Project management office (PMO)
Program and portfolio management
Implementation of project management tools
Project delivery
Establishment of methodologies

Application Development and Integration

Development and integration
Quality assurance
Application architecture

Infrastructure and Business Continuity

Technology architecture
Platform migration
Infrastructure setup and management
Platform integration
Security and telecom management
Disaster recovery and business continuity plans

Data Management

Business intelligence
Data processing
Data architecture
Data integration
Delivery Modes

Choose the one that’s right for you

Four delivery modes which apply to all our services.


To accompany you in your deliberations, in your decision-making process, and guide you in their realization.

Staffing Services

To accompany you as you carry out your activities and projects.

Team Set-Up

To accompany you, by means of dedicated teams, as you plan your projects and allocate resources.


To collaborate with you as we manage and execute your activities and projects.

Business Practices

Profit from a shared wealth of knowledge and experience

Our clients and consultants have access to seasoned experts from our three business practices.

Project Management

The project management practice is comprised of 30 or so specialists, practice leads who develop and maintain tools in accordance with today’s best practices and methodologies such as PMBOK, Prince 2 and EPM. They also assist our experts, on assignment, by providing support on an ad hoc basis or via synergy groups.


Our experts are constantly on the lookout for the latest in architectural practices and technological breakthroughs. They can provide you with the know-how and soft skills required to address the challenges associated with the effective allocation of informational, material, financial and human resources.


Nowadays, application development and the quest for leading-edge tools must be done swiftly and efficiently. To tackle these two objectives, a task force of Cofomo development specialists studied the distinctive elements of traditional and RAD tools in order to provide another value-added benefit for our clients.

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