Cofomo’s ServiceNow Offering Takes Off

Montreal, June 16, 2022
Cofomo News Service – CNS

Cofomo, Canadian IT and business consulting services leader, offers its clients the advantages of the comprehensive ServiceNow digital transformation platform. ServiceNow was created expressly to streamline workflows, automate processes, accelerate app development and deployment, lower costs, raise productivity and provide exceptional user experiences at all stages of interaction.  


ServiceNow, often described as the platform of platforms, was designed to make full use of powerful AI and analytics, deliver easy-to-use, intuitive apps that offer outstanding user experiences, spike productivity, speed innovation while ensuring data and cloud remain secure. 


With ServiceNow and Cofomo’s 24/7/365 Service Center, operations remain reliable and resilient on a single, unified platform. 

80% of Fortune 500 Companies use ServiceNow, and it enjoys an over 99% renewal rate. 

Cofomo’s ServiceNow experts have leveraged the potential of this versatile tool on over 100 major mandates for 40 top-tier clients in the finance, transportation, government services, and health care sectors, helping them achieve and align business and technology objectives in less time and with more ease. 

“Cofomo’s ServiceNow offering is designed to maximize and leverage every dollar and provide on-call 24/7/365 service.” 

Cofomo’s partnership with ServiceNow represents a strategic advantage for its clients in the development of digital workflows, engaging apps, IT solutions that work, and user experiences that work together to accelerate and optimize any digital transformation project.  

“It’s a major speed and efficiency multiplier our clients will truly benefit from.” 

For more details about this solution, consult Cofomo's ServiceNow offer.


For more information: 

Tony Taddeo 

Vice-President, Strategic Business Development and Partnerships

Mobile: 514-513-4582