Cofomo Rolls Out Data Virtualization Services With Denodo

Cofomo Rolls Out Data Virtualization Services With Denodo

Montreal, November 7th, 2022Cofomo News Service (CNS)

Cofomo, a Canadian IT and business consulting services leader, adds Denodo, creator of the industry’s leading data virtualization platform, to its comprehensive range of solutions. Specifically, Cofomo provides clients with thorough assessments, robust strategies, expert recommendations, and action plans designed for clients to get the most from their data. The results: shorter time-to-market, and an efficient, streamlined, accelerated digital transformation.

Denodo is a recognized specialist in data virtualization, providing agile, high performance data integration, data abstraction, and reliable data access across a wide range of enterprise, cloud, big data, and unstructured data sources. 

Cofomo addresses the three key data issues by employing a highly customized multidisciplinary approach tailored to specific client needs. This approach works to accelerate data integration and publication, speed up access to an enterprise view, and govern data. 

A Powerful Platform 

Denodo’s proprietary platform enables simplified access to structured and unstructured data in both real-time and by batch. Powerful, versatile, and efficient – it’s all your data in a single unified view. 

The platform was specifically created to meet and exceed the performance needs of data-intensive organizations for analytical and operational use cases. 

Including the Denodo platform as part of Cofomo’s digital transformation offer will serve our clients well. We expect it’ll enjoy high demand, and high praise.” 
– Tony Taddeo, Vice-President, Strategic Business Development and Partnerships 

Denodo’s platform unifies legacy and current databases and presents them in a real-time single unified view. 

Whether your databases are modern or legacy, Denodo’s platform unifies all your data all in a single unified view.” 
– Duc Han Nguyen, Vice-President, Digital Transformation and Innovation 

Cofomo: Amplifying Value from Your Data, Quickly and Easily 

Adding Denodo’s powerful platform to Cofomo’s arsenal of digital transformation solutions allows its clients to significantly improve business agility and ROI by enabling faster and easier access to important data. 

Digital transformations are not trivial, as they involve extensive core architecture and infrastructure, and along with them, large established data warehouses. 

At the same time, the volume, velocity, and variety of data steadily increases. In these conditions, companies’ IT budgets are focused on keeping the lights on versus modernizing the data infrastructure. 

Companies today are faced with three key IT challenges: 

1. Accelerating Business Outcomes 

Companies need modern architecture that enables a scalable approach to data access without compromising on speed or reliability. 

2. Migrating to Cloud Systems 

Companies need to be able to migrate data and users to the cloud without impacting daily operations. 

3. Modernizing Legacy Infrastructure 

Companies need to evolve their IT stacks to meet changing business needs while continuing to realize value from existing investments. 

Legacy databases have been a thorn in the sides of IT and corporations, and the plethora of platforms in use and coming into use promises to add more confusion – one that data experts agree business must address. 

Cofomo’s experts understand how to put the full strength of Denodo’s platform to work and quickly begin to add value to your data. The platform also simplifies cloud migration by decoupling systems and providing secure ways to govern who can see what data, and when. 

Cofomo is an authorized, certified agent for several of the world’s leading digital transformation services, such as Microsoft, AWS, and ServiceNow. They currently employ over 3,000 staff and consultants on projects for top-tier clients in Quebec and across Canada. 

For more information, contact: 

Tony Taddeo 

Vice-President, Strategic Business Development and Partnerships 

Mobile: 514-513-4582 

Email: [email protected]

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