Cofomo And Their ServiceNow Solution Helps Two Government Agencies Become One

Cofomo And Their ServiceNow Solution Helps Two Government Agencies Become One

Montreal, June 15, 2022
Cofomo News Service – CNS

Transforming a multi-layered, high-traffic internal government IT service call center into an automated online one with an intuitive user web interface is a complex undertaking. A lot of things can go wrong. A tremendous amount of forethought and planning must go into every decision and every action. 

Quebec Government Agencies Face Challenge In Massive Merger. 

Now imagine the consolidation of a government agency's IT service call centers. That’s a formidable challenge. The objective: a single, unified, web-browser-based platform where users can place IT service calls, follow the progress of their ticket, and do it all without picking up the phone. Add to that the management of a vast inventory of IT equipment that needs to be tracked, maintained, and repaired. This is streamlining and efficiency at its best, and what business increasingly counts on. 

It's also what ServiceNow does best. 

Imagine the consolidation of a government agency's IT service call centers. 

Cofomo Wins Bid With Their Unique And Compelling ServiceNow Solution. 

Cofomo recommended ServiceNow and its innovative IT Service Management (ITSM) module as the ideal IT service solution for a recent government agency project’s lengthy list of exacting requirements. 

We (Cofomo's internal news service) recently spoke at length with Michel, Cofomo's client at a Government of Quebec agency that has just completed its merger of IT service centers. Prior to the deployment, the organization operated two IT service centers, but the mandate called for a new unified center that was to be automated, cloud-based, user-friendly, fast and efficient for customers and service providers. It was not an easy mandate to take on. But it’s one that ServiceNow, a recognized industry leader in digital transformation, was designed to do. 

Cofomo Helps Merge Two Government Agencies – Success In Numbers: 

43  dedicated team members  
7  process deployments 
600  requests for improvements 
300  user experience anecdotes 

All told, 43 dedicated team members now at Cofomo deployed 7 processes, addressing over 600 requests for improvements and consulting nearly 300 user experience anecdotes. All of them essential data points that worked together to achieve the best results.

Thanks to its experience working with the government, as well as its knowledge of the latter's budgetary concerns and demanding technological specifications, Cofomo submitted the best offer during the bidding process. As an information technology manager, Michel was already aware of ServiceNow’s solid reputation, and as one of those overseeing the responsible use of public funds, ServiceNow’s quality/price ration was a must-have. Cost effectiveness could not be arrived at by compromising quality, cutting corners, or hobbling capacity. 

All’s Well That Merges Well. Two IT Service Centers Now Function Optimally As One. 

Over two years into the deployment, the now unified IT service centers operate on a single intuitive web browser interface platform. Service calls are easy to make, easy to follow up on, and a massive CPU, monitor, and peripheral hardware inventory is carefully controlled. Most of all, users are satisfied - so much so that Michel, while not a part of the day-to-day IT service operations, cited that what had been a flood of challenges in the two separate systems had been reduced to an occasional trickle. 

Cofomo Offers 24/7/365 ServiceNow Support. 

Challenges have been reduced to a trickle. 

As part of its typical post-deployment offer, Cofomo delivers 24/7/365 ServiceNow support to this new government agency. Above and beyond a user-friendly interface, it’s a testament to the stability and reliability of ServiceNow that not a single major service incidence has yet been recorded. 

“ServiceNow is very stable, very reliable. It just works. All the time. We wouldn’t want to go back to what we had. Ever. We’re very happy.” 
- Michel,  Information Technology Manager

He goes on to add: “We’re anticipating a ServiceNow update in the spring of 2022. It’s an annual event, and we hope to discover new features in ServiceNow that will allow us to be even more efficient. ServiceNow is an extraordinary IT Service management tool.” 

Cofomo’s ServiceNow Delivers: 

3x faster development 
< 10 days from development to app 
250% less app maintenance 

This government agency considers ServiceNow to be an asset to their operations, and its relationship with Cofomo, excellent. In fact, the quality of the relationship reflects well on Cofomo’s 27 years of experience with large, multi-faceted digital transformation projects. Company size and capacity work in favour of successful deployments, and certainly this project was no exception. 

Michel gets the last word, one which Cofomo was proud to hear: 

“I’ve worked with Cofomo for years and our relationship has always been great.” 
- Michel, Information Technology Manager
ServiceNow and Cofomo deliver exceptional digital transformations. Find out more in our informative PDF or visit our ServiceNow page.

Information for this article were compiled from several sources: 

Michel – Information Technology Manager with a Government of Quebec agency 

Steeve Cote – Senior Director, Professional Services, at Cofomo 

Marc Vachon – Vice-President, Technology and Security Sector at Cofomo 
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