Cofomo: agility in action

Proven in the field in numerous agile projects, our experts, methods and best practices feed our know-how and our skills in terms of the most recent advances.

Agility is in our DNA. It defines and distinguishes us. It is at the center of our organizational culture and irradiates everywhere our brand shines. In times of turbulence as well as in normal times, it is the transmission belt of our vision, our approach and our actions. Daily, as well as in the medium and long term, it stimulates our creativity, energizes our team and fuels our ambition with respect to business, technologies and talent management, which is to create added value beyond the client’s expectations.
Our agility is anchored in communities, their market and their particularities. At the national level, it anticipates, evolves and transforms itself in response to a changing reality formed of specific issues and challenges, new technologies and innovation opportunities. Attentive to the client, but proactive in its essence, it adapts to his reality to better help him, push him forward and ensure he is fully agile.
Our agility is proverbial. To wit, our strong track record in agile software development, the quality of our accomplishments, the excellence of our consultants, our adaptability in the face of change and our flexibility that keeps pace with our clients’ business reality.
Our agility is pragmatic. Like our customers, we believe that agility’s main challenge is growth and performance gains, and that software agility must be translated into commercial agility. Like them, we believe that being agile is advantageous when their objectives and the client experience are at the heart of software development, allow them to take advantage of a solution that contributes to the success of their business and secure their clients’ loyalty.
Our agility is dynamic and constantly improves. To this end, our Lean and Agile Expertise Center (LAEC) is an unparalleled resource both for the agile community here and elsewhere and for our clients, partners and consultants. Under the supervision of seasoned consultants (product ownersScrum masters, analysts, developers, certified agile coaches, etc.), the latter use it to optimize their know-how, hone their mastery of cutting-edge tools and techniques, and benefit from a skills development program that has no equal in the industry.
Stands Out
Our agility stands out on all fronts. Whether it be business processes, technologies or talent management, we are always on the lookout for the best. Exploiting best practices, buoyed by a team as experienced as it is talented and taking advantage of disruptive innovations to constantly renew itself, Cofomo evolves in step with the evolution of methods, practices, tools, needs and markets. 

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