Business and IT talent shortage: There are solutions

Business and IT talent shortage: There are solutions

More than ever, sourcing, attracting, recruiting and retaining talent is turning into an “extreme sport.” In fact, not a day goes by without the news reminding us that Quebec is facing an unprecedented labour shortage across all industries.

Lately, Quebec has reached a front-runner status in Canada that it could well do without: it’s here that the talent shortage is greatest. In the ICT sector, TECHNOCompétences notes in its 2018 sector diagnosis (in French only) that, while ICT companies are the main drivers of a major shift in the labour market, this ultra-competitive and highly qualified market obliges most companies to excel in talent attraction and retention. Also, the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) recently pointed out that the competitive pressure on employers seeking new talent in the ICT sector is extremely high. (…) More than 53% of organizations cited attracting and retaining skilled employees as one of their top human capital challenges.

Partner. Progress. A winning combination!

Like all organizations involved in the IT sector, Cofomo is confronted with the same issues, which include the talent shortage and the scarcity of targeted expertise with the right level of experience and skills. Over the course of its more than 20 years of experience in recruitment as well as business and IT workforce management, Cofomo has refined a unique approach that adds a high level of value for both organizations seeking talent and candidates seeking opportunities. This approach is built around two elements: partner and progress.

The serious lack of partnering in an environment as ultra-competitive and ultra-fast as the IT sector is often poorly assessed. Yes, the term has been greatly overused … Still, for organizations and candidates alike, being able to benefit from a suitable and customized partnership, from end to end of the supply chain, can make all the difference between an alignment of interests sealed by a contract and a long and arduous road.

The same applies to progress, the second key element in our approach and our slogan. While one goal is to partner with organizations and/or candidates in their business and/or career paths, another is to help them progress toward their goals, some of which are shared. In a context where all parties have to constantly reinvent themselves to remain “appealing”—and therefore competitive—a value proposition based on developmentprogressgrowthevolution and the like is bound to ensure buy-in of all stakeholders: the organization, the candidate … and the organization’s clients. Business development, skills development and client-relations development are, after all, the true goals.

At a time when all players in the IT sector are essentially offering the same thing (value creation, systems integration, Agile development, DevOps, digital transformation and so on), it is reassuring to be able to count on a partner that positions itself at the intersection of complementary needs—those of organizations and those of job candidates. Our position can be summarized as follows: Cofomo provides you with the means to fuel your ambitions.

Talent acquisition and talent supply chain management

The launch of our new website has afforded us an opportunity to promote an additional step in our integrated service offering: business and IT talent acquisition, and business and IT talent supply chain management.

The first service targets needs that are well known in the market and that Cofomo has been successfully meeting for many years. They can be summarized as follows: recruit the best talent, at the right time and the best price. The second offers a winning position for organizations confronted not only with a scarcity of talent, but also and especially with an ever-changing marketplace as well as disruptive innovations that threaten a previously effective business model.

To help them respond to these issues, Cofomo offers organizations an integrated approach to managing their talent supply chain. The goal: eliminate the costs of on-demand staffing by opting for a game plan—Talent Supply Chain Management—that will cover workforce needs in the short, medium and long term. This offers many benefits, including:

  • Sourcing, attracting, recruiting, onboarding and retaining talent;
  • Greater return on your investment;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Shorter time to market (TTM);
  • Rationalization of the time and effort dedicated to resource administration;
  • Ongoing skills development, based on current and future needs;
  • Talent incubation.

Intrigued? Interested?

Contact us, and we will be pleased to tell you more.

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