Broaden your range of action with cloud computing

Broaden your range of action with cloud computing

Now more than ever, companies should capitalize on the opportunities offered them, in particular cloud computing and hybrid solution architectures. This allows them to preserve the gains achieved, leverage their offer of added value, generalize the exploitation of telework, offer online services and meet clients’ emerging needs.

Cloud computing enables the exploitation of powerful, secure, flexible and accessible computing resources from multiple locations, in the form of private and public online services. These services are offered in three forms: Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Invoiced on a pay-per-use basis, these services provide many benefits to organizations, including the following:

  • acceleration of speed to market;
  • refocusing activities on the creation of added value;
  • reduction of technology acquisition, maintenance and exploitation costs;
  • digital ecosystem enhancement;
  • more flexible talent management based on the evolution of manpower needs, both in normal times and in times of crisis;
  • remote collaboration and achievement of gains in operational efficiency;
  • availability of computing capabilities and sensitive data in case of an on premise disaster;
  • enhanced offer that exploits, among other things, streaming audio and video broadcasting, supply chain virtualization, artificial intelligence (conversational agents), the block chain and the Internet of Things.

commentator notes that it is no longer possible to imagine a world without cloud computing. In fact, the cloud is everywhere, from televisions to telephones to cars, tablets and wristwatches.

Understanding issues and mastering solutions

Understanding cloud computing management issues (smooth deployment, seamless operationalization, availability without a break in service and data security, and protection of personal information and legal aspects) is part of a holistic solution that is well integrated into operations and rigorously aligned with the business model. What to conclude from this? That an accelerator is required to immediately implement cloud computing, an essential component of digital transformation. This is where Cofomo comes into play, by offering a resolutely pragmatic action plan.

  • Diagnosis: determination of organizational and technological maturity
  • Governance: advice and adaptation of cloud computing governance rules (risk management, data security, personal information protection, acquisition processes, legal aspects, etc.)
  • Implementation strategy: opportunity cost analysis and recommendation of best strategies adapted to the specific context
  • Execution: execution of the implementation strategy and the migration in collaboration with market leaders (MS Azure, AWS, Red Hat, VMWare, Oracle)
  • Operationalization: help in the establishment of a team dedicated to supporting the operationalization of deployed solutions (consumption management, performance and security)

Taking into account the new reality

The elements of cloud computing solutions (on-demand self-service, accessibility through a computer network, resource pooling, rapid extensibility, monitoring and utilization control) and the diversity of available options at predictable and profitable costs multiply the ability to offer evolving, agile and secure services. Furthermore, hybrid cloud computing solution architectures take into account technological and organizational maturity by developing the digital ecosystem without sacrificing patrimonial assets. Adapted to the new reality, Cofomo’s approach offers the best of both worlds. A project governance method based on sound change management and a short, medium and long-term vision are the keys to the organization’s progressive evolution toward an ecosystem that meets the requirements of a digitalized economy.

Cofomo, digital accelerator

Take advantage of cloud computing solutions in order to accelerate the digital transformation of your company, restart its operations and get back on the path to growth immediately. Choosing Cofomo means choosing a reliable partner who places your business’ growth, resilience and continuity at the heart of its interventions.

Be the future by broadening your range of action right now!

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