A Powerhouse Addition Benefiting All Our Clients

A Powerhouse Addition Benefiting All Our Clients

Cofomo has just recently joined forces with Viagénie, a consulting firm specializing in advanced computer network technologies, such as Internet networks and protocols, space networks and communications, as well as on-board systems (Internet of Things).

It serves clients such as the ICANNVERISIGN and the NASA, to name a few.

Additionally, this partnership allows us to participate in research and development on emerging technologies, something that will undoubtedly benefit all our clients.

Marc Blanchet, founder and CEO of Viagénie, as well as a member of the IPv6 Hall of Fame, joins Cofomo as Vice President. The entire Viagénie team is also joining Cofomo and will work from the Quebec City office.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Exciting times ahead.
Stronger together.

About Cofomo

Established in 1995, Cofomo is a Canadian leader in information technology (IT) and business consulting services, which translates today into the acceleration of the digital transformation of its client companies. Its solutions cover all their needs, particularly in terms of strategy, innovation, agility, intelligence, security and cloud computing. Its unique expertise is delivered through flexible on demand project and talent delivery models. A team of 2,800 professionals provides these services to large private and public sector companies and organizations, mostly located in Eastern Canada, but soon across Canada. Cofomo joined Novacap in May 2021 to accelerate its growth objective in the IT sector (www.cofomo.com).

Media contact
Marc Labelle
Vice-President, Corporate Affairs
514 866-0039, ext. 275
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