A groupe of experts that goes unnoticed...

A groupe of experts that goes unnoticed...

Rightfully so, our government, the people and the media often pay tribute to the exceptional work of public heath and essential services employees. We now also acknowledge them for their dedication, their courage and their efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

However, another group deserves mention and recognition: the experts who maintain and optimize our computer and technological systems, as well as many essential services. I therefore take the lead in recognizing the incredible work of information technology (IT) experts, who work in the shadows daily to maintain the infrastructures and systems that allow us to work remotely and make our isolation less painful.
They ensure their proper functioning, which is crucial for work, remote socialization, shopping online or watching our favorite series, among other things. The essential contribution of chief information officers (CIOs) is also noteworthy. They contribute greatly to the business continuity of companies and organizations by quickly putting in place contingency plans for the start of telework, thus ensuring the health and security of employees and consultants. In this time of crisis, their leadership has allowed the implementation of all the important elements (tools, processes, governance and security) for remote productivity, which is essential to business continuity.

They work tirelessly to ensure the maintenance of services and the proper functioning of the activities of their respective organizations. We tip our hats to you! We are grateful and we thank you, on behalf of the information technology consulting services community and industry, for your continued efforts in preserving the capability of our companies and organizations and in offering essential products and services during this unique period for us all. We wish you and yours good health and we assure you that you can count on us to support you in all the challenges that you face and will face.

Bravo and thanks to our industry’s experts and their leaders!

Régis Desjardins
President Cofomo inc.