A Cloud Migration Glowing With Success

A Cloud Migration Glowing With Success

A Cloud Migration Glowing With Success
In order to comply with the government's program to consolidate data processing centers (PCCTI) in Quebec healthcare establishments, the Montreal Heart Institute (ICM) chose Cofomo, a VMware partner and VMC Master certified company, to support the deployment of a VMC (VMware Cloud on AWS). 

Main challenges 

The ICM was seeking for an approach that would solve the following problems in order to take advantage of the benefits given by cloud computing in order to improve its IT services without losing its assets, future-proof its data, and respond more swiftly to client demands (researchers). 

  • Reduce the cost of migrating virtual machines, applications, and data to a cloud architecture 

  • Overcome a lack of cloud knowledge 

  • In "lift and shift" mode, migrate swiftly 

  • Reduce the burden on existing systems 


In response to these problems, ICM selected VMware Cloud on AWS, an end-to-end integrated cloud solution created in collaboration with Amazon Web Services and VMware. This solution enabled ICM to confidently shift to cloud computing, improve the capacity of its on-premises data centre, and benefit from the AWS environment's scalability and security. 

This initiative, which was financed by the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP), enabled the customer to accomplish numerous goals: 

  • Establishment of a Cloud Computing Center of Excellence 

  • A smooth “change management” transition 

  • Learn new skills by transferring knowledge from Cofomo teams to ICM teams. 

  • Improve IT security 

  • Increase operational efficiency 

  • Create a better customer experience 

In conclusion, as stated by ICM, "Cofomo has demonstrated its mastery of experience, its comforting pedagogy and, above all, its benevolence towards our teams and our daily reality.


Inspired by this transformative success story? Discover how Cofomo’s expertise and collaborative approach can guide your journey toward a secure, efficient, and innovative future.  

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