FMC Professionals Joins The Cofomo Group

FMC Professionals Joins The Cofomo Group

Montreal, April 6, 2022
Cofomo News Service – CNS

Cofomo, Canadian IT and business consulting services leader, has announced the acquisition of FMC Professionals, long-time business talent management, information technology (IT) and digital transformation consulting services provider in the National Capital Region. 

Founded in 2004, FMC Professionals is recognized for a profound expertise in Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP), as well as its extensive financial management and costing services. 

For over five years, Cofomo and FMC Professionals have been closely collaborating in the service of a common client. Theirs is a natural fit and the result will benefit all stakeholders while allowing them to expand their offer to a wider, growing client base. 

We’re delighted to welcome the FMC Professionals team to our group. Our successful, ongoing partnership demonstrates that we share similar values. We look forward to working as an even more integrated team to deliver an expanded service offering to our clients in the National Capital Region.”
Claude Brulé, Executive Vice-President and General Manager - Cofomo Ottawa-Gatineau office

This acquisition emphasizes Cofomo’s role as a major player in Canadian IT and business consulting. FMC Professionals will be a formidable ally, contributing to Cofomo’s continuing growth and success as a major contributor to Canadian digital transformations.
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