New Approaches and Technologies

Technological Infrastructures

Reduce your costs

Datacenter colocation, hosting virtual private servers in the Cloud, cloud computing solutions, application containers, etc., the various advances in the area of enhanced infrastructures abound with opportunities to become more cost-effective, productive and scalable.

Our approach

Cofomo will implement a strategy which will ensure a smooth transition from your current infrastructure to an optimized infrastructure. This approach allows you to: 

  • Assess the state of your applications and infrastructure as well as the impact of their obsolescence on your IT budget and overall operations
  • Identify the issues stemming from the number of heterogeneous platforms in use and their poor interoperability – between the platforms themselves and between the applications they support
  • Refocus your investments on innovation rather than on the acquisition and maintenance of equipment which must be incessantly renewed
  • Evaluate the opportunity to outsource, some or all of your workloads, applications or systems
  • Select the most appropriate cloud-based solution for your business (private, public, hybrid, community cloud)
  • Identify the type of service (software, platform or infrastructure as a service) and the type of investment (acquisition versus subscription) best suited to your operations, issues and objectives
  • Choose a safe and secure solution which will deliver productivity gains, reduce your costs, generate economies of scale and drive innovation

By forging straight lines from objectives to outcomes, our expert consultants will help you understand, identify and select the solutions best suited to your projects and business objectives.

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