Gain efficiency through process automation

Automating activities such as accounts payable, how you qualify a lead, manage delivery slips, fill your orders, etc., frees your people up to attend to more important strategic work. Your organization must mine value-creating solutions to succeed in its transformation.

Our approach

Automating processes is a strategic endeavour. It entails the collaboration of all the firm’s stakeholders to identify the needs, define the objectives and select the right solution. We can help you:   

  • Evaluate process performance at every level of the organization, in each department including sales, marketing, finance, IT development and operations
  • Pinpoint the areas where automation would provide an added-value (cost reduction, elimination of errors, pace of development and deployment, enhanced compliance, etc.)
  • Define the objectives for automation as a function of your digital maturity
  • Target the processes best served by automation (some may still require human intervention, while others may be more efficient once automated)
  • Break new ground by exceeding the simple digital duplication of a process to create added value

As we hone in on opportunities for automation, Cofomo brings a deep bench of industry knowledge to bear on process optimization, information technology and enterprise solutions integration. We’ll ensure automation of your processes generates added-value.

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