New Approaches and Technologies

Approaches to Development

Deliver continuously, faster and more often

Rapidly evolving customer expectations demand that your organization adopt development methods which ensure you continuously, rapidly, seamlessly and routinely deliver innovative projects and solutions.

Our approach

Cofomo embraces industry best practices. We use DevOps and Agile methodologies as a baseline, applying them to the entire software development lifecycle. You can thus: 

  • Define precisely the product, the client it will serve and the benefits they may derive from it
  • Build a skilled team (Product Owner, Scrum Master, developers, etc.) with the requisite experience and expertise
  • Benefit from increased coordination between the development and operations teams to better orchestrate the continuous delivery of back- and front-end applications
  • Draft a project’s road map (feature requests, stages of development, quality control systems, code security, etc.)
  • Create a release plan which prioritizes the design and availability of a product’s functionalities
  • Establish an iterative and incremental delivery plan
  • Plan the iteration paths (sprints), daily updates and action plans around the issues encountered and their solutions
  • Establish the processes and tools which allow for continuous integration of client feedback
  • Define with clarity the success factors and conditions required for a final product

Our experts provide the support, skills and resources required to not just implement solutions but to capitalize on them at a pace your clients, partners and suppliers expect. 

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