Governance and Management

Program and Project Management

Leverage best practices to maximize your IT investments

Rigorously managing programs and projects by meeting budget, quality and timeframe targets ensures investments generate desired outcomes.

Our approach

Our project management professionals have mastered industry best practices and tools. They will adapt them to your company’s reality helping you transform from great to extraordinary:

  • Set realistic goals bearing in mind budgetary and scheduling issues
  • Choose an appropriate management method and tools
  • Draft the project’s statement of work
  • Plan the various stages of the project according to the deadlines established for the deliverables
  • Ensure stakeholder buy-in
  • Set up a management committee to oversee the project and assign roles and responsibilities
  • Establish efficient communication channels
  • Create a dashboard and identify key performance indicators (quality, costs, deadlines, dependencies, etc.)
  • Establish monitoring and feedback procedures
  • Own the final delivery and ensure a durable reliable solution

With a mastery of best practices, solid field experience, pragmatism, and the flexibility to adapt to your workplace culture, we deliver your projects on time and on budget. 

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