Information Management

Integration and Warehousing

Collect, consolidate, integrate

Faced with an overabundance of data that must be managed on a daily basis, it behooves your organization to have procedures and systems capable of effectively gathering, consolidating and applying your data to operational and decision-making processes.

Our approach

Flexible and drawing on the industry’s best practices and methodologies, our approach allows you to: 

  • Identify the relevant data required for the implementation of your business intelligence strategy
  • Select the data integration and warehousing approach best suited to your issues and your reality
  • Catalogue your sources of data (sites, databases, legacy systems, email, social media, optical discs, etc.)
  • Inventory your assets in order to identify and eliminate drafts, duplicates and data with no added value
  • Collate your data into a coherent whole by preserving only the strategic assets and their metadata
  • Normalize your data in order to facilitate its migration to effective, reliable and integrated systems
  • Develop logic, conceptual and physical models to define how and where the data is stored as well as the processes and applications which make use of them
  • Set up an infrastructure as well as intelligent systems and processes to store, extract, synchronize and preserve your data

From warehousing your data to its optimal integration with operational and decision-making processes, we provide a wide range of exceptional consulting services to empower your organization to draw the maximum amount of added value from your data.

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