Information Management

Governance and Security

Protect your information assets

Just as your organization has an obligation to respect the ethical and legal frameworks of its sector of activity, it must also have its own set of norms and security systems to guarantee the security and integrity of the data it produces, shares and disseminates.

Our approach

Cofomo encourages a cross-functional approach encompassing all facets of data governance and security within your organization. You can thus:

  • Map out your data ecosystem in order to classify your data, assess its degree of sensitivity and identify the controls required for each data category
  • Identify the procedural and systemic faults as well as vulnerabilities: corruption, unauthorized access, non-compliance, etc.
  • Evaluate the level of maturity of your procedures, systems and usage
  • Determine the targeted performance level and the improvements required to achieve it
  • Craft the guidelines required for sound governance and security management
  • Introduce automated systems to drive and monitor all aspects of governance and security across your organization, including interactions with your clients, partners and suppliers
  • Establish a supervisory board tasked with overseeing the implementation, monitoring and evolution of your systems and best practices
  • Encourage a culture which promotes security, at every level of the organization (awareness, empowerment, training) 

Armed with cutting-edge expertise and a network of experts from the public and private sectors, we have, at your disposal, proven and effective methods and systems with which to address your governance and security requirements.

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