Information Management

Predictive Analytics

Give your data a voice

When it comes to decision-making, the more reliable the data, the lower your margin of error. Whether you’re orchestrating a marketing campaign or confirming a hunch, predictive analytics reduces your margin of error by guiding and corroborating your decisions.

Our approach

By leveraging your data to the fullest, our approach allows you to engage in strategic-foresight activities whereby you test various scenarios in order to arrive at the right decision. You can thus:

  • Inventory the data that you mine and view the data flows and linkages
  • Evaluate the quality of your data (timeliness, accuracy, consistency, interpretability, relevance)
  • Improve the quality of your data to better serve strategic and operational purposes
  • Give your data a voice to test complexes scenarios and bold assumptions
  • Extract information from your data to forecast trends
  • Use the data from past occurrences to create a predictive model by applying statistical algorithm and machine learning techniques, to make predictions
  • Apply analytic methods and technologies to specific problems (reliability of your systems, risk management, customer service, sales, product development, process optimization, etc.)

With Cofomo’s support, know-how and expertise you can draw on the most up-to-date predictive analytics techniques and technologies available to become a proactive and forward-looking organization, one which anticipates and positions itself to reap the benefits of future opportunities.

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