Invest in talent supply chain management

Investing in talent supply chain management eliminates reactionary responses to talent requirements thus avoiding costly ad hoc recruiting. Opting for a program which covers all facets of workforce management, you benefit from: better planning of your short, medium and long term staffing needs; a greater return on your investment; increased productivity; and shorter time to market (TTM).

Our approach

Cofomo’s approach effectively addresses such operational and organizational challenges as developing a talent planning and acquisition strategy as well as implementing management systems, processes and performance metrics.

  • Define the strategic orientations and policies pertaining to your workforce
  • Develop the business case for the talent supply chain management program.
  • Document the entire workforce program
  • Identify the talent management solutions which provide the best return on your investment
  • Plan the program’s implementation and deployment
  • Calculate the costs and benefits
  • Define tracking mechanisms and indicators to monitor workforce investments and your program’s performance

With a growing gap between talent supply and demand, our expert consultants specializing in workforce planning and recruitment will provide the solutions you need to be better equipped in the short, medium and long term and to better cope with the uncertainties of your business environment.

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