Source, recruit, integrate, retain

We can help you optimize for the future. Sourcing, attracting, recruiting, onboarding and retaining business and IT talent requires a proactive recruitment strategy. Is your organization ready?

Our approach

Decidedly results-oriented, our three-stage approach allows you to create a talent pipeline to meet your current and future needs and to build multidisciplinary teams capable of addressing the challenges of digital transformation.

  • Strategy and planning: promptly fill short-term needs; fill needs you anticipate thereby allowing you to be proactive; or fill medium- and long-term needs
  • Attraction and staffing: recruit the best talent, at the right time and the best price
  • Follow-up and assessment: assess the impact of a recruitment campaign in terms of the performance of the attraction/staffing program as well as in terms of candidate follow-ups and evaluations

Cofomo offers you the best business and IT talent acquisition team in Quebec to source, onboard, develop and retain the talent you need, regardless of local labour market conditions.

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