Development and Integration

Integration of Enterprise Solutions

Choose the right solution

If the implementation of a management software package is the powerful force driving your digital transformation, then the capacity to control costs, adhere to schedules and satisfy user requirements are all challenges which must equally be met.

Our approach

From the preliminary analysis to the modelling of your processes, from implementation to post-mortem, Cofomo will accurately identify your needs and issues so you can select the solution that’s right for you. Our target: the appropriate balance between your firm’s fit with the solution and the solution’s fit with your firm’s objectives.   

Cofomo can execute on-premises or cloud-based integration projects for customized, best-of-breed, proprietary or Open Source software packages. Notably:

  • Integrated business-management software packages – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer-relationship management systems (CRM)
  • Case management systems
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Data integration and migration solutions (Extract, Transform and Load (ETL))

Our specialists, having large-scale IT project management expertise, are ready to provide their skills and experience to roll out an Enterprise solution that’s right for you.

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