Development and Integration

Maintenance and Upgrade

Sustain IT performance levels

The pace of technological change demands your organization adopt a unified strategy to manage the maintenance and evolution of its systems, without losing sight of your operational and financial objectives.

Our approach

Trust Cofomo to manage the maintenance and upgrade of your IT assets. We will train your technological teams to leverage industry best practices, standards and tools. This approach encourages knowledge transfer and allows you to:

  • Implement a road map, detailing the upgrade and maintenance requirements as well as lifecycle of your IT assets, to address the current and future needs of your organization
  • Optimize the operating costs of your systems and equipment
  • Carry out upgrade initiatives
  • Optimize the capacity of existing legacy systems in response to emerging needs
  • Identify opportunities for improvement which create value for your clients;
  • Document the procedures and know-how associated with the technologies currently in use
  • Establish a technical support/coaching team for your user community
  • Ensure a technology watch and assess your opportunities for innovation

With Cofomo you get a talented network of experts who can optimize  the lifecycle of your equipment and systems, maximize their profitability and ensure a sustainable performance.

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