Development and Integration

Quality Assurance and Testing

Specify, test, confirm

To be integrated and to endure, your solutions and systems must meet the highest standards of quality assurance and control. Your organization’s growth, reputation and survival are at stake.

Our approach

For Cofomo, quality assurance and testing go hand in hand. The former specifies upstream what the solution should be. The latter confirms, throughout the development cycle, whether the solution is compliant, reflects what had been expected and functions as it should. The combination of quality assurance and testing is a win-win solution for both you and your customers. Our scope of services include:

  • Audit of your quality assurance processes, procedures and tools
  • Drafting of the test plan document
  • Unit, integration and regression testing
  • Performance, usability and acceptance testing
  • Benchmarks for testing the performance of robot applications, telematics, parametric, transactional solutions, and so forth
  • Availability of flying squads, to address your specific needs

Our expert consultants in software quality assurance provide their know-how to guide you through the broad range of manual and automated testing, carried out on site or remotely, thereby ensuring the reliability of your solutions from end to end.

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