Talent Acquisition

Follow-Up and Assessment

Maximize your investment

Now more than ever, talent sourcing and acquisition is considered a strategic investment. As such, you must be able to assess the impact of a recruitment campaign not only in terms of the results it produced for the search request but also in terms of the results stemming from candidate follow-ups and evaluations.

Our approach

Cofomo focuses on results-based management. Recruitment metrics are a valuable source of information. Our recruitment dashboard includes the following indicators:

  • Assessment of your workforce requirements
  • Number of potential candidates that were approached
  • Number of candidates that were met in person, by phone or via videoconferencing
  • Number of candidates put forward
  • Quality of the candidates (their knowledge, know-how and soft skills)
  • Effectiveness of the attraction/staffing program and the cost per hire;
  • Performance of the candidates (after 3 months, 6 months, etc.)
  • Retention and integration rates

Our approach reflects a commitment to efficiency and accountability and it is this spirit which will drive our collaboration with your organization over the long term.

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