Talent Acquisition

Attraction and Recruitment

Recruit the best talent, at the right time and the best price

Scarcity of expertise, fierce competition, tight deadlines, salary one-upmanship… how do you recruit the best talent, at the right time and at the best price under these circumstances? By being proactive.

Our approach

Proactive, our approach allows you to:

  • Assess the true nature of your project and estimate its timeline to accurately identify not only the type of expertise required but also what level of expertise is required
  • Create a compelling profile to attract the right candidates
  • Employ automated systems to drive recruitment, from searching through CVs to identifying potential candidates, from validating their qualifications to follow-ups
  • Scour specialized websites, social media and career fairs where potential candidates communicate and spotlight their expertise
  • Orchestrate a multichannel campaign to reach active and passive candidates: direct approach and/or via recommendations, personalized emails, posting of employment opportunities on job sites, social media and the Google Display Network
  • Maximize the visibility of your employment opportunities by showcasing your brand, via local and nationally sponsored publications, as an employer of choice
  • Seek out and select candidates, meet with them, confirm their fit with the required profile, carry out background checks and submit them to you for consideration

With the best IT talent acquisition team in Quebec, an ecosystem of partners spanning the country and, shrewd experts harnessing the power of digital marketing, Cofomo finds and delivers the talent you’re looking for regardless of local labour market conditions.

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