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Offices of Quebec

Cofomo in Quebec City: a Distinctive Client Experience

We are solution people who align your business needs with innovative technology. As a team, our motivation comes from establishing a long-term, trusting relationship with your organization. We are an information technology (IT) consulting firm recognized for the scope of its expertise and its excellence in service.

+1 418-780-8718 info_qc@cofomo.com

Our Approach in Talent Acquisition and Human Capital Management

Professionally human-oriented, our approach stands out because of:

  • Proactive, cutting-edge recruitment methods;
  • Openness to the world via recruitment missions abroad;
  • Customized pay and social benefits;
  • Agreements with niche partners;
  • Support from our expertise centres and interest groups;
  • A coaching model that fosters professional development;
  • A mentorship system for newcomers;
  • Efficient communications and team-building social activities.

Cofomo is a dynamic business where cooperation with our clients and inspiring leadership nurtures a value proposition under the sign of durability.

I love Cofomo so much because it’s a business with a human side. That’s why I stay!

Tidjani Belmansour
Software architecture consultant and co-founder of Cofomo’s Microsoft Expertise Centre