Cofomo signs a partnership agreement with Groupe CMI

Cofomo signs a partnership agreement with Groupe CMI

Montreal, January 27, 2023
Cofomo News Service – CNS

Cofomo, Canada’s leading provider of business talent management, information technology (IT) and digital transformation consulting services, announces a partnership agreement with the Quebec-based Groupe CMI, a management and IT consulting firm that distinguishes itself with its 75 talented professionals and a high-end development center. This partnership agreement will take full effect in May 1, 2023. 

This partnership is part of our joint strategy to broaden the range of our products and services, deepen our positioning as major players in digital transformation in Canada, and add tremendous value for both of our clients. 

“The missions and visions of Cofomo and CMI very closely linked. The union of our two companies and the potential that this partnership offers will be very beneficial for us and our clients, and we will be better positioned to face the complexity and competitiveness of today’s market,” said Sylvie Boily, President of Groupe CMI. 

“Like Cofomo, CMI has established a culture in which entrepreneurship, family values and the human quality of services guide the daily life of each employee. Access to new clients and new talents, as well as a high-caliber development center, are among the key elements of this partnership for Cofomo, in addition to our corporate vision and growth areas,” added Régis Desjardins, President of Cofomo. 

Complementary information 

The Groupe CMI has been working in the field of management and IT consulting services since its creation in 2003. It offers simple and effective solutions adapted to the needs and concerns of public and private organisations. 

These organisations stem from various sectors and entrust Groupe CMI with mandates covering both operational and strategic matters. They also trust its experts, who design and develop systems and Web applications for various technologies through its sophisticated development center. 

For the past 19 years, Groupe CMI’s consultants have served over 125 clients in Quebec City and Montreal for mandates of 3+ years on average. 

Get to know Groupe CMI here.
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